1. Do we need a marriage license, where do we go & what are the requirements.

Yes you do need a marriage license. For a marriage to be considered legal a marriage license must be obtained & filed with the Department of Health Marriage License division. One can apply online, prepay by credit card and when you arrive here on the Islands meet with a marriage license agent to complete the process & receive the legal document. You must be at least 18 years old with a government issued ID, and in some cases a birth certificate. We will provide all details as we plan your wedding day.

2. Must we be married by a Minister?

No we have Non-Denominational Ministers, Officiates, Hawaiian Kahu to choose from. The only requirement is that the person is licensed by the State of Hawaii to perform a ceremony.

3. Do we need a wedding planner?

We believe a wedding planner should be considered for all destination weddings. The person or company you choose should give you confidence & peace of mind that everything you need will be realized through the planning stages and that once you arrive all you need to do is meet to review all your visions and be ready for your wedding day.

4. Which Island do you recommend?

A couple should read about each Island before deciding the one that is special to you both. The Islands are unique & each offers a variety of adventures, beaches, gardens, chapels, sunny days & tropical nights. Each couple is unique as well so find the Island that offers what you are envisioning for your special day, your personality, your adventure level. A wedding planner can assist you with the comparisons.

5. If we choose an outside venue when is the best time of year to ensure good weather.

While the weather here is consistent with 70 - 80 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, we do have some wet seasons so check with your coordinator about the month you are hoping to be married here, in order to choose the venue just right for you. Also keep in mind some Islands are drier than others.