Worldstar Weddings will listen to your wishes, respect your budget and help you find the ideal venue to exchange vows. Let us guide you with our experience and knowledge of the islands. We will work with you to expertly ensure not a petal is out of place.


We can customize for the bride and groom and add on to these packages or create an entirely different experience, our wedding department can create the day of their dreams!


FROM $1555

These beautiful beaches on Hawaii Island provides a Romantic atmosphere for all those who will exchange vows here. One would never know that one of the worldʻs most active Volcanoes existed right around the bend.


FROM $1511

The Island of Kauai beaches are famous for long stretches of secluded white sand, you will always remember the sunshine and beauty of the sand and the sea, and the promises you both made on that day.


FROM $1511

Hoʻohiki means to vow or swear, Hana Hou to do it again. We invite you to renew your Love Vows to one another once again, and what better place than on our Exotic Island of Aloha!!! We wait for you!


FROM $1026

The Ilima is Oahuʻs representative flower lei. Itʻs soft paper thin, golden orange flowers were once worn by the Aliʻi (Hawaiian Royalty) only. Let us share this Royal Lei Ceremony with you.


It’s here, the day you have dreamed of, planned for, and will Love. To relax is key, and you can do that knowing Worldstar will take care of all the unique details of your happily-ever-after day.


Put on the dress again for a photo session at a secluded waterfall, on top of a volcano, or take your gown to the beach or to your favorite pool and ham it up.